1-99 Range Guide – Runescape 3 [1.2M+] FAST/AFK Profit

This is my updated 1-99 Range guide for Runescape 3. I created this Range guide to help new and returning players train this skill through a variety of training methods. One of my main goals for this guide was to make it as accurate as possible by not basing xp rates off abilities/gear that someone wouldn’t have access to at a given level. I hand-tested everything in this guide with the exact applicable range levels (RIP Sara brews) and gear that I am recommending, so you should have no problem reproducing what I show in this video. I tried to include some information and suggestions for ironman throughout this guide based on my experiences with my HCIM series. Hopefully, this helps you in your quest to max this skill.

Range Gearing Guide:

Intro to Pvm:

Guide to Invention Perks:

Starting Equipment – 0:27
1-40 – 1:24
40-45 – 2:43
45-55 -4:16
55-80 -5:14
80-99 – 7:44

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