1 hour of Fletching Adamant Darts

This is a fairly straightforward example of an hour of Fletching darts. Rune darts are the highest tier darts we can fletch in F2P, but they cost between 60-100 gp/xp long term. Adamant darts are more reasonable priced at between 18-25 gp/xp.

I’m using a Portable Fletcher in this hour, which provides a +10% XP boost and a 10% chance to save dart tips and feathers when fletching darts. The bevahiour of the save mechanism is slightly weird, it will delay your make-x interface by 1 tick every time you save resources but will still attempt to complete 10 sets of darts, resulting in 11+ xp drops per make-x interface depending on how many times the effect activates.

I gained 898,425 Fletching experience in this hour. I made 54,450 darts in this hour. I made 5 mistakes (3+ ticks wasted) in this video, and probably a few 2t action restarts without noticing.

Without Portable Fletcher, I would have gained 742,500 experience and made 49,500 darts.

Perfect hour is 54,545 darts an hour, which is 818,175 xp/h. Perfect hour with fletcher is 55,000 darts an hour, which is 907,500 xp/h.

This method is still INEFFICIENT due to Fletching being 0 time with Woodcutting.