2007 Oldschool Runescape: New Swimming Skill [Player Designed Content Entry]

This is my (Conventicle) entry to the new Design Your Own Skill competition, if you like this idea then please support it in the ratings and comments! If you enjoyed this video then I’m sure you will enjoy the rest of mine so please check those out also and subscribe!

To those who think this idea is too similar to agility:
If you look at it with a general mindset then yes it would be like agility just like the way smithing is similar to crafting. However if you look at the details you will realize that it is enough to make a new skill just like the way smithing varies from crafting, same general idea but you create different things from different resources. In swimming you use water instead of land, can get to completely new area on the map, scuba dive, etc. The concept of agility itself is such a broad topic that it is easy to say swimming is a form of agility, but if you use this mindset then wouldn’t summoning just be a form of magic? Also this is not a completed idea yet, if this does win the vote then there will probably be more things added.

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