2007 Runescape Quest Guide: Dragon Slayer

Dragon slayer quest guide for 2007 Runescape! Our last Free to play quest! How exciting guys! This isn’t a quest to mess around with though! I ran into a lot of technical problems making this guide, so please show me some love for all my hard work! Thanks šŸ™‚
Requirements: 32 Quest Points, be able to slay a level 83 Dragon

Items Required: A Hammer, 3 planks (found in wilderness), 90 steel nails, an unfired bowl, a Wizard’s Mind Bomb (bought in Falador’s bar for 3 coins), a lobster pot, a piece of silk, an anti-dragon shield (obtainable from the Duke of Lumbridge only after starting the quest), 2,000 coins, and either an air rune and a law rune (if your Magic level is 33 or higher) or 10,000 coins.

Rewards: 2 Quest Points, 18,650 strength experience, 18,650 defense experience, The ability to wear rune platebodies and green dragonhide bodies, access to Crandor island