2019 Runescape 3 Quest Guide – Desperate Times – Mourning’s End Puzzles…AGAIN?!?!?!?

Puzzle Solver – Be sure to put to 3×3:

Slide puzzle rooms :
Old Recipe w/ Round Numbers: 22:22
Empty Room w/ Chest: 23:41
Gold Piles: 29:30
Four Items on floor: 30:21
Single Item on Floor: 36:04
Needle Puzzle Pt. 1 : 48:00
Needle Puzzle Pt. 2 : 53:20
Needle Puzzle Pt. 3: 54:41

A Runescape 3 Quest Guide for the Quest “Desperate Times”! In this quest guide, I go over how to start the quest as well as how to solve the slide puzzles, the room puzzles, as well as the light beam puzzles at the end. I also attached a bunch of links and timestamps to help you find the time you need! Thanks for watching, dont forget to like and subscribe!