2019 Runescape 3 – Spiritual Warriors after Smithing and Mining Rework 3m/hr Very afk

Hello everyone! in today’s video, I test out spiritual warriors at the player owned slayer dungeon after the smithing and mining rework. After doing this for 5 hours it’s not as good money as it was but it is more afk then before. but if you want a money maker thats completely afk and even more so if you have a legendary pet. So happy afking!

requirements i forgot to mention :
quest: jack of spades (for menaphos)

Auras: use what ever you like, I never had the need to use it.

Requirements: 0:17
equipment: 0:46
getting to gwd: 2:03
getting souls: 4:05
get to pyramid: 4:49
inside the pyramid for fight: 5:50
loot: 7:49
expense: 8:03
profit: 8:46
xp: 9:32



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Outro Song:
in vid:
Ikson – Paradise (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Love Yourself – JB (REMIX By DJ JohnnY) (INSTRUMENTAL)

Hey everyone, thanks for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed; maybe it taught you something. Leave a comment telling me what you might want to watch next!