24 Hours of Elder Chaos Druids (with Granite Longsword) – Pure vs Wild Episode 6

Its about time i start training melee. Today i’m training melee on Elder Chaos Druids for 24 hours to see how many Elder Robes i can get.

I’m also thinking of changing the format of the series up a bit. The goal for this series so far has been to get Dragon Claws. While that is still a thing i’m going for i want to expand it up a bit. Instead of only going for claws I’m also planing to max out the account so it becomes a max pure. This frees me a up to think of the long term such as doing as skilling, questing, and the wilderness diaries. Overall it should make the series better. Let me know what you guys think.

==============================What is Pure Vs Wild?==========================
Pure vs Wild is a series were i start a brand new pure account and make money from the wilderness. This money can come through pking/pvming or skilling, it doesn’t really matter so long as it comes from the wilderness, with the ultimate goal of getting dragon claws.

This series is meant to be as realistic as possible and to be close to how most pures play the game. This means that i can use things such as the GE, however i can’t merch or make any money outside the wilderness.The idea is to prove that you can make money from the wilderness with your pure account without having to rely on another account for income.

1) All money must come from the wilderness
2) No trading
3) Can use the GE to buy supplies or gear (no merching)
4) Must be in the Wilderness or Pvp World

I have to do everything in the wilderness or pvp worlds. So if i want to train or skill outside the wildy i have to go to a pvp world and train in a none safe area. I can use the sand crabs for any skills that require a bank (you can get attacked in the bank).

There are a few similar series to this one out there. The most popular one that i know is by Skourai RS and his Wildependant series. Amenity also did a few videos with roughly the same rules

Skourai Rs’s Wildependant: