3 Months Ago I Started with 1GP… Now I’m Richer than Most! Flipping 1gp to Twisted Bow #9 [OSRS]

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of my 1gp to twisted bow flipping series. I have been gone for a few weeks now, but I still managed to make a serious amount of progress while I was gone.

I have been working on this account for 3 months now, and things are looking pretty good. I am just about to hit a solid milestone amount of cash. I really want to try and push for more money next month, as I will be around more to set flips. I think I should be able to hit my twisted bow goal ahead of schedual.

Luckily the price of the twisted bow seems to be fairly consistent around 1 bil.

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The goal of this flipping series is to acquire a twisted bow in 1 year. The only way I can obtain money is though flipping. If at the end of 1 year (may 16th, 2020) I haven’t acquired a twisted bow, I will be giving away all of my money.

Thanks for watching!

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