40 Second Supreme Jack of Trades Guide! Ironman Friendly! RuneScape 2015

A quick and easy Supreme JoT guide for Ironman accounts and mains! Hope this helps you! 🙂 Not the fastest ever but pretty quick for Ironmen 🙂

‣Untrimmed Summoning Skillcape Ironman Series:
‣Solo Every Boss Ironman Series (Completed):
‣Buy Games Cheap Here:

Ironman Guide Playlist:

Welcome to my new series, where i’ll be going for max combat, level 138! This will be done through slayer and a lot of bossing, so stay tuned! This will be done on the Official RS3 Ironman Mode! Enjoy and feel free to give it a like and subscribe if you enjoyed and would like to follow my progress! It might not be as big as A Friend but I hope you like it 😉