A Beginners’ Guide to Melee Araxxor | Runescape 3 | 2017

This guide is designed to simply explain every important Araxxor mechanic, for those who may not be experienced with High level PvM. The Guide focuses on Melee Araxxor, although the mechanics can be applied to all combat styles.

All of the backing footage was done with a t50 weapon, and no armor.

Reqs and Recs – 1:52
Gear and Inventory Setup – 2:30
Spawn and Enrage Mechanics – 3:27
Rotations Overview – 4:37
Mechanics on ALL Rotations – 5:07
Minion Path (1) – 8:17
Acid path (2) – 11:57
Light Path (3) -14:40
Phase Three – 17:01
Araxxi in Melee Range – 20:44
Araxxi in Halberd Range – 21:44
Araxxi in Full – 22:27
The Acid Wave – 24:07
A Full Araxxor Kill – 25:14
Drops and Outro – 28:39
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