All OSRS Quests from a First Time Runescape Player – Starting Agility 20-30 (Skill and Chill) [#11]

Welcome to the brand new OSRS journey! I am completely new to Runescape as a whole, working toward finishing all of the osrs quests guide-free and want to showcase the story of our adventures so that you can relive those younger days when you did your first quest and slayed your first dragon! I stream the majority of content displayed in these videos, so feel free to join in to capture the whole thing! I’ll be producing high-quality, weekly “Progress Videos” to cover what goes on week-by-week so that we can capture it all almost in story-like fashion. Ultimately, I don’t want to be an “efficiency machine” but want to have as much fun with every bit of the game as possible without any guides, tutorials, in-game help, etc. We will earn our keep and have an EPIC journey discovering the world of Runescape! Thank you for joining us on this adventure :]

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