Beginner’s Guide to Queen Black Dragon – Runescape 3

This is my updated beginner’s guide to the Queen Black Dragon for Runescape 3. Through this guide, you will learn why QBD is worth killing, recommended starting stats and equipment, boss mechanics, how to make and brandish a Royal Crossbow, and tips for improving your kill times. This is part of a larger series of videos that I have on making bossing in RS3 more accessible to a larger audience. You can see more of these types of guides here:

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Why should you kill the QBD? – 0:23
Recommendations: – 0:53
Gear Setups: – 2:05
Mechanics: – 2:57
Building a Royal Crossbow: – 5:50
Low-level Gear Kill: – 6:16
High-level Gear Kill: – 9:05

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Music: NCS