Dagannoth Kings Solo Guide for Slayer / Pets (3M/hr) – OldSchool RuneScape 2007

Today we look at my Dagannoth Kings Solo Guide in OSRS! This is how I managed over 12,000 combined Dagannoth Kings kills on my journey to a pet. I go over gear setups you can use, how to get there, and how to best fight the DKS. This guide should help you if you want to do a Dagannoth Slayer task, go for the prestigious pets, or just make some great GP. You can also use the methods in this guide for group trips to Dagannoth kings. Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

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I’m not sponsored by RuneLite, but there are some features in it that I recommend in this video. Other clients might have the same things. OSRS is owned by Jagex.