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Dungeons & Dragons Online – Main Theme music by Chance Thomas

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From the journal of composer Chance Thomas:

“Today I face the daunting task of writing a main theme for Dungeons and Dragons Online. I mean, c’mon! How do you sum up the global expanse of such a storied franchise with a single piece of music? It’s very intimidating for me.

And so I’ve immersed myself in intimidating music this morning. Powerful themes, masterful orchestrations, rich colors, vibrant rhythms. The best music I can find. It’s inspiring. It gives me courage to try. Even if I fail, I want to fail in a blaze of color with the veins popping out on my neck and my fingers raw from pounding out vigorous ideas on the keyboard…

So the quest begins. Ideas fly out of my brain like a swarm of bees. I try this progression, that rhythm, these sounds, those motifs… the sheer mass of musical ideas is staggering! But even after several hours, nothing sticks. Nothing resonates yet. Incredible how frustrating composition can sometimes be!

And then, like a ray of light entering a tiny crack and filtering to the deepest subterranean grotto, comes a melody. It’s an old, noble sounding melody. There’s a touch of yearning to it. The notes sound heavy with portent to my ears. Then the orchestration starts to come together, first in the workshop of my imagination, then slowly, carefully onto the full page score.

There’s a raw energy underpinning the old melody, and then a classical turn. Yes! The classical strings feel perfect for such a classic IP! And then comes the choir, resonant and deep like an army of Dwarves. You can almost feel the voices bulging with bonus Constitution.

There. It’s done. I like it. Oh, I hope the other D&D fans will feel a similar connection to this piece like I do! And when we record, I so hope the live orchestra and men’s chorus will be deliver the notes to life, realizing the vision I’ve nurtured in my mind! But at least for today – as I listen to the melody, the choir and the orchestration play out in my imagination, it sounds mesmerizing. It rings true. Yes, it sounds like Dungeons and Dragons to me. I can rest now. Today’s task is complete.”