Dungeoneering Puzzles Walkthrough and Commentary

I’ve been wanting and working on something like this for months now and finally finished.Unfortunately the commentary for the first puzzle didn’t get in somehow so I had to use close captions for it. The times in the video might not be correct. Don’t have time
to check for now

While this might not be the best representation on how to do all the puzzles (such as 10 statue weapon room has 6 due to not being a 5:5) this does contain video of me doing and commentary of how to do all puzzles, except a few that I gave up trying to find because it became so hard to find a specific puzzle as the list remaining narrowed down.

Puzzles with picture instead of video:
Icy Pressure Pad (audio missing to so text in video)
Sleeping Brutes
Keystone Bridge

0:28 Icy Presure Pad
1:43 Seeker Sentinel
2:00 Sleeping guards
2:54 Sliding Tiles
3:18 Sliding Statues
3:38 Three Statue weapon
4:00 Ten Statue weapon
4:37 Follow the leader
5:12 Levers
5:35 Flip Tiles
6:21 Monolith
6:56 Ghosts
7:40 Suspicious Grooves
8:18 Crystal Puzzle
8:58 Toxin Maze
9:44 Pondskaters
10:17 Fishing Ferret
10:53 Coloured Ferrets
11:27 Coloured Bookcases
12:03 Magical Construct
12:46 Lodestone Power
13:34 Collapsing Room
14:11 Winch Bridge
14:52 Ramokee Familiars
16:03 Mercenary Leader
16:44 Hunter Ferret
17:41 Fremennik Camp
18:00 Enigmatic Hoardstalker
18:35 Barrel Puzzle
18:57 Agility Maze
The rest should be viewed at this video because after the keystone puzzle, there is only a black screen

19:29 Keystone Bridge
19:53 Broke Plank Bridge
20:19 Return the Flow
20:41 Grapply Tightrope
21:18 Statue Bridge
21:38 Poltergeist
22:22 Unhappy ghost
22:43 Coloured Recess
23:12 Flower Roots
24:03 Portal Maze