F2P GE Flipping/Merching Money Making Guide – 2007 Old School Runescape

Free to Play money making guide on 2007 / Old School Runescape.

This method uses the GE (Grand Exchange) to flip items for profit. This specific method uses high volume low margin to make a profit. Sure, it’s only about 100K profit a day on a good day, but that’s for 2 minutes worth of work MAX!

Am I worried that by making this video this method will no longer work? No. Runes are such a high commodity that I hit the trade cap almost every day. And on top of that, how often do you learn something and stick with it past a few days? I’ve been doing this now for over a month, but I doubt many that watch this will stick with it as it can get old for such a small amount a day.

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