Farming 120, Ranch Out of Time, Yak Track – RuneScape Developers Q&A (November 19)

This week, we’re taking a first stroll in The Ranch Out of Time and showcasing the core features to expect in Farming 120 – both releasing this 25th November!

We also received Mod Cam on the couch to present more in details the upcoming Count Yakula’s Yak Track event (Nov 25th). More info here:

And finally, Mod Hypnos gives us an update on current and upcoming projects: RS Mobile, Smooth Movement, Silhouetting, Canopy see-through, tick improvements and client-side prediction.

1:29 – Premier Pass / Yak Track
4:02 – Double XP Weekend Extended
8:15 – Core Experience Team projects (smooth movement, silhouetting, tick improvements, etc)
20:46 – Treasure Hunter
28:08 – Ranch Out of Time
50:17 – Farming 120


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