Full Shadow Reef guide | Runescape 3

Welcome to my full guide on Elite Dungeon 3, also known as the Shadow Reef. In this guide I go over the entire dungeon from Trash mobs to the bosses. I explain how to counter each mechanic and this guide leans toward duo/trio but can definitely be used if you are interested in going in solo. If you are going in solo expect to encounter 2 sets of “spinners” at the ambassador unless your damage/minute is high. Timestamps are located below.

If you want to farm the first section for XP, use this guide instead

– Timestamps –
0:20 Requirements
0:48 High level gear setups
1:58 Mid level setup examples (very minimal)
2:30 Inventory example
3:38 Getting to the Shadow Reef
4:44 Elite dungeon 3 map
5:09 Section overview
6:26 Starting – Section 1
7:38 Crassian Leviathan
8:58 Section 1 After the first boss
9:39 Section 2 (Artifacts & Deadly bridge)
10:50 Taraket the Necromancer
14:10 Section 2 After the second boss
15:18 Section 3
15:57 The ambassador
16:13 Mechanics/Rotation Ambassador
17:47 How to deal with the mechanics (Smoke, Black hole etc)
19:12 Spinner mechanic (Sinister fragments)
21:57 Full Ambassador kill
24:11 Outro

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