Getting 99 Thieving at Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chest OSRS

99 Thieving Guide 2007 at Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chest in OSRS

Guide to getting 78-99 thieving at the Dorgesh-Kaan rich chest. I don’t remember exactly how I got to 78 thieving, but there are several helpful osrs thieving guide available already to help you get there. 99 Thieving OSRS was something I really wanted to do, but just trying it differently.

I know the video is kind of short but I will gladly answer any questions in the comment section below. Also since this is my very first video I would be very very grateful to all tips and suggestions.

A couple people asked for this so for anyone else curious from just cutting the gems I got somewhere between 415-425k craft xp :).

All the opal, jade, and topaz I received in the video will be likely seen again in an upcoming video involving a crazy amount of trading sticks and karambwans.

This video is the beginning of a long list of big loots and gains series and I will do my best to continually publish quality OSRS content. – Lame OSRS