How to Make 3.5M/hr Exchanging Mole Parts! – Oldschool Runescape Money Making Guide [OSRS]

Hey guys, and welcome to another money making guide. Today I am going to show you a method that can make you as much as 5 mil per hour.

The main drawback is that the required items take a long time to buy on the grand exchange. What we will be buying are mole claws and mole skins. They are traded fairly frequently, however the buying limit is only 50. Too buy enough items to do this method for an hour would take around 1 week. I am going to be trying this just 1k mole parts.

The money per hour can vary a lot with this method as it has some chance to it. I have seen people make 5mil from 5k mole parts. I would reccomend buying the mole parts somewhere between 6k to 6.3k each.

There are no requirements for this method, however the items are fairly expensive so having 20-30m cash is recommended.

Thanks for watching guys!

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