how to make a strength pure f2p runescape

READ PLZ omg almost 2k views i ty all you people are awsome and jagex is awsome too ILY jagex lol 🙂
READ PLZ “monks dont drop monk robes srry my mistake”this is a guide of how to be a strength pure on runescape for f2p or p2p it wworks for both and btw after you get 40 str and attk i think a good idea is to train range as it raises ur hp. Do not train prayer unless you want to and i would use it to protect from attacks not make them stronger cause there is beraly no diffrence

i do not own runescape. runescape is an oficial liscence of and i am only posting this video to make the game better and to show what a strength pure is or how to train one. runescape is owned by