I’m No Longer a Pure #05

Episode 5: Transitioning from a pure to a voider
I started a fresh account on Runescape with the end goal being my dream pking account (99 defence ranged tank). I’ll have to earn every single gp myself on the journey getting there. Also along the way I’ll go through different pking accounts; ranged pure, void ranger etc. I’ll have to earn money for all the stats needed such as 94 magic for vengeance. I’ll be going for big milestones such as monkey madness 2 for the heavy ballista and dragon slayer 2 for the ava’s assembler. Also making money to aquire items such as the armadyl crossbow. So I’ll be playing Runescape properly again and it’s going to be a super fun journey!

Creating my Dream Pking Account from Level 3 Series Playlist:

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