Let’s play: Runescape! Episode 1: Making Your Character

New Episode every Wednesday and Saturday!

Hey everyone, it’s Lee (Regicidal).

Watch in HD if you’d like, it sounds and looks a lot better 🙂

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This is a new video series I’ve created called “Let’s play: Runescape!”. Where every Wednesday and Saturday, I will teach the subscribers of CurseNetwork, people who don’t play Runescape and are interested in playing, or people who just want to learn more about the game and see gameplay of the basics of Runescape. This is a good series to start my partnership with CurseNetwork, it will be spreading Runescape as an MMORPG around their gaming community and also help out people who would like to start playing and not really know how.

The Adventurer – Runescape Soundtrack
(Used 15 seconds of the song, 30 seconds is Fair Use)

Tune in next Wednesday for Episode 2: Tutorial Tasks and The Interface.