Lumbridge/Draynor Hard Achievement Diary Guide | Oldschool Runescape

Items Needed: Bones, 2 Nature Runes, 4 Water Runes, 4 Earth Runes, 28 Pure Essence, Cosmic Tiara/Access to the Abyss, Axe, Games Necklace, ~135k, Belladonna seed, seed dibber, spade, rake, Tinderbox, Mining Helmet, Ring of Dueling, Gold Bar, cut diamond, ball of wool, 1 cosmic rune, 10 earth rune, Dramen/Lunar Staff

Items Recommended: Stamina Potions, Lumbridge Teleports, Amulet of Glory

Levels Needed: 60 Magic, 46 Agility, 59 Runecrafting, 57 Woodcutting, 53 Farming, 65 Firemaking, 52 Prayer, 70 Crafting

Quests: Lost City, Tears of Guthix, Another Slice of H.A.M, Recipe for Disaster, The Lost Tribe

Mage Training Arena:

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