Manifest shadows 912 kills/h (Runescape 3)

In the smallest room in the sunken pyramid right by Menaphos with 5 manifest spawns.

Use meteor strike in place of the blackhole special attack if you don’t have a Zaros godsword available.

It’s worth adding blissful and manifest shadows in your pyramid for the sake of camping them off task for Penny pet if you’re the completionist type as well. Though it would be best to place 5 shadows in the smallest room and replace them with the next type once you’ve received their pet part, as they’re more spread out in the large rooms leading to slower kills per hour.

115 kills in 7 minutes 34 seconds.
912 kills/h
848k slayer xp/h
624k melee xp/h

Song: Culture Code ft Karra – Make me move