Menaphos vs. Prifddinas

The rap battles are BACK IN ACTION! Menaphos have opened its gates, threatning Prifddinas for what it’s worth of activity. Who may win in this fierce battle by rap?

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The RS Guy


Rise and shine, it’s the elf bois, coming atcha fast
Spewing elegance and eloquence to leave you outclassed
Cause soon you desert folk will be a thing of the past
We’ll beat you down like Tumeken – we’re gonna have a blast!

So I know that our high levels may make us look scary
And our town and goddess may make you feel wary
Seren’s refined crystal; you all worship a furry
And you match your old map; you’re unfinished and blurry!

Menaphos here in the streets rapping for the Pharaoh
In the slums with the scum where no one else would dare go
With our gates open wide and the carpets flying aero
Sand kicking up a storm as I’m spitting on this air flow

You may be crystal clear, but we’re paved with gold
And dropping dank updates here to break the mold
Cause the players, like our slaves, are completely sold
We’re all fresh and new, while you elves are old!

We beat invention, and now we will beat you
Elves may be old, but we’re good as new
The slayer cap is crap, and your mobs are too
You got 120 just from the comp capes you slew!

8 Elven Clans in our domain
With unmatched rates for making gainz
Your 4 districts are just so mundane
To think you’re better… That’s just insane!

It’s been four years now and you still can’t see
What players want from RuneScape 3
As Ozan put so perfectly
“There’s no place that I’d rather be!”

We’ll be home to most for quite a while
With content suited to every style
You can keep your max guild garbage pile
Like Seren, you’re corrupt and vile!

You think you’re really great with some rich man sass
You may aswell just kiss my Prifddin-ass
We have a bloody past, so don’t overextend
Because like the plague, you’re at your end

You have a dark lord, we have the Devourer
People only like Seren ‘cause they want to deflower her
At the end of it all, despite what you say
You’re dead on our release day


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