[NEW] Venenatis Safe Spot Guide! (3M/Hour) (OSRS)

*OPEN FOR IMPORTANT LINKS* (Only The Craw’s Bow and MSB Imbued Works!)

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*Divine PVM
This is the clan that I am currently in and have stayed in for most of my time on Old School RuneScape. Clan events are held relatively often and they have a very welcoming community. Be sure to check out the discord, requirements and possibly even applying!

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Third-party client that I use. Use at your own risk.

*Venenatis Pet Tweet (KC: 3,631)

*Album of all of the notable drops on my adventure

*Dolo Alt Setup from Valor
Strictly notes to pray Eagle Eye and not range potting on the Alt

*Iron Normies
The person that I originally discovered the method from and how I eventually worked through more and more of the mechanics thoroughly.
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Introduced me to the video from Normies. Puggin pushed me to figure out more mechanics of Venenatis while discovering different ways and methods for the cannon and even for HCIM. Streams very often, as well as the new Venenatis Safe Spot.
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Helped me get into Venenatis with some minor details and answering my questions. Helpful guy; you should follow him.
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Helped me discover the duo and dolo method; the Co-Owner of my Discord Server. Contributed to the setups for these methods, also the luckiest man alive.
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Constantly puts up with me on my adventures getting this pet. Passionate and sincere; the most genuine guy you will ever meet. Currently my most favorite streamer to watch right now, and plans to stream very often at the moment. Check him out!
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Contributed to things I should add to the guide, as well as figuring more mechanics out. Happily answered my questions, and currently going for the Venenatis pet himself. He also plans to release his own method for the safe spot, most likely over on his twitter account. He’s also that idiot that can’t type in his password.
• Twitter:

As I’ve stated before, always a pleasure to get opinions from. Warm and welcoming guy, always willing to answer my questions and also going for the Venenatis Pet as well. Plans to stream PTFO’s method once PTFO gets his pet.
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