Old School Runescape – 2019 Easter Event

Recorded and played on April 11th, 2019 (Day of release).


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Soundtracks used
OSRS – Easter Jig
OSRS – Funny Bunnies
OSRSBeatz – Easter Jig (House Remix)

Not shown in the video, but you can use a hammer on the giant Easter Egg reward and get a Bunnyman Mask. You can also fight the Colossal Cocoa Chicken boss from previous years by going into the Easter Bunny’s tunnel.

What I liked:

– Rewards! The rewards this time around were amazing in my opinion. I was rewatching some older Easter events, specifically 2007/2008 and it made me miss the Chocotrice Easter Cape and its animation, but now we got something similar with the Giant Easter Egg! I think the Bunnyman Mask is a bit big, but it’s pretty neat too!

– Ed, Edd, and Eddy references are a bonus!

What I didn’t like:

– The entire event is VERY linear and VERY much like a fetch quest. Quests and Holiday Events in OSRS/ Old Runescape were different and unique from other MMORPG’s because they weren’t just fetch quests, but fun interactions and diversions within a story. It was pretty obvious that the OSRS team didn’t put too much time into this, but that’s also what the community voted for. I’m just in the minority of people who enjoy having detailed and expansive holiday events.

– Examine text and dialogue in general was a bit lacking imo. It’s a shame how Easter is just treated as the pun-making holiday with eggs and not much else. But to be fair, there’s not much else to Easter, is there? Dialogue just seemed straight forward and bland.

Overall, the event itself was crummy, but the rewards were nice.

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