Old School Runescape Progress Video #36 Mining done

Video number thirty six of my Old School Runescape progress.

Finally done with every single slow skill in the game!
Est. time till max: 2 weeks

Sometimes the quality of my mic gets like worse idk the reason for that is i ave a blue mic Yeti and it is in front of my face but a bit to the right, so its not in the way completly, but sometimes it is. So when i do really afkable skills and i dont have to record in a while, i put it completly to the right but sometimes i forget to put it back in place when i have to record smh, sorry about it :^)


– 3 Capes:
* Max Cape
* Achievement Diary Cape
* Music Cape (COMPLETED)
– Learn to PK
– Do random fun stuff 😀

Hope you enjoyed!

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