Old School RuneScape Quest Guides: Creature of Fenkenstrain

Skip to 2:49 for the start of this quest guide. (credit YT: SHOGUN MIrrorgIass)

Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest Requirements:
– Must have completed The Restless Ghost quest
– Must have completed Priest in Peril quest
– 25 Theiving
– 20 Crafting
– Able to defeat a level 51 monster (very easy monster to kill)

Items required:
1 Spade, 5 thread, 1 needle, 50gp, 1 silver bar, 3 bronze wire, 1 hammer, Ghostspeak amulet (Father Urhney in Lumbridge Swamp can give you another if you lost it)

– Completed Ghosty Ahoy for access to the ectophial
– Food/Armour/Weapon to protect against level 50-70 leeches/vampyres and to kill the level 51 monster in the quest
– Energy/Super energy potions

Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest Rewards:
– 2 Quest Points
– 1000 Theiving XP
– Ring of Charos (Allows you to access the Werewolf Agility dungeon south of the castle)

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