OldSchool Runescape – Sunday PvP Feasting 30M+ Loot -X-Venge-Pker

Please note that these are only risk fights and are not counted as “HIGH” risks.

All these clips were taken between 3PM to 6PM (UK time), today(sunday).
3 Days after my last video I was hacked while I was livestreaming, and I got extremely demotivated, that’s why I wasn’t as active as I used to be, both in-game, and in YouTube.

I thought of uploading something unique to this channel, all of my videos are simply PK videos, I thought it would be cool to see what I pked in a day.
Ofcourse, today was a successful day and you shouldn’t expect every day to go like this.

Total Loot from 3 hours:
Dharok’s helm x 10 = 2339k
Dharok’s platebody x 9 = 7193k
Dharok’s platelegs x 10 = 7251k
Dharok’s axe x 10 = 2313k
Saradomin’s tear x 1 = 6600k
ZGS x 1=2685k
Fury x 1 = 3000k
Whip x 1 = 2445k
Dragon boots x 10 = 1983k
And 858k cash (11 barrow gloves)

In total, it comes to 36.6M.
I have died 3 times with full Dh, each death is about 2.5M loss.
about 29M profit, not counting the supplies cost which would bring it to about 27M profit.