OSRS 2019 Easter Event [Old School Runescape Easter Event Guide]


1. Go to North of Falador and talk to Easter Bunny
2. Go to Lumbridge via tunnel, talk to cook and answer Chocolate to the riddle
3. Go back to Falador via tunnel and use the tunnel to go to Shantay Pass
4. Talk to the Travelling Merchant, go to Al Kharid General Store, get item and go back to Travelling Merchant
5. Use the tunnels again to go to Draynor.
6. Talk to Master Farmer and answer that you need Special Spices.
7. Take the silk, talk to Agathie in Draynor and talk again with Master Farmer.
8. Use tunnels and talk to Easter Bunny. He will take the items and mix them, but it will fail.
9. Take the mix to Party Pete and he will dance for you
10. Talk again with Easter Bunny, event complete!