OSRS AFK Crafting money making method 110K-120k CRAFTING XP PER HOUR 2019

was working on my account while skilling found a way to make some good crafting xp and not lose any money while doing so

I ended up making 110k of xp per hour.!
but I did slack a little

but overall a good way to train crafting and also doing afk for mobile and while you are watching tv or even with friends!

this isn’t hard but it does require 57 crafting to make the bracelets
and also 57 magic to enchant!

this method is good for mobile users as well!
be aware that items are subjected to change or inflation and this video does not serve to be permanent as in prices of the items! they could change at any moment!

good for anyone looking to train crafting and be afk for a short time!


hope you guys liked this money making method!

glad you you guys watched and hoped you liked the video!