[OSRS] Bone Voyage quest guide

Item list:
– 1 marrentill potion (unf), 2 vodka

– 1 teleport to the woodcutting guild (skill neck or poh)
– 3 teleports to Varrock Sawmill (lumberyard scrolls)
– 3 teleport to north of the digsite (scroll, pendant, glider or by foot)
– 1 teleport to fally cabbage field
– 1 teleport to Varrock

Unlock the bank at expedition camp:
– hammer, 5 nails, 2 oak planks, 1 iron bar

Quest: digsite
skills: none but have at least 100 kudos


Written quick guide:
1) Talk to Curator Haig Halen

2) Teleport to north of the digsite and talk to the Barge Foreman

3) Teleport or run north to the Varrock sawmill and talk to the operator to get a proposal

4) Teleport to the woodcutting guild sawmill and talk to that operator or to the guard at the front gate of the guild to get the agreement.

5) Teleport to the varrock sawmill to deliver the agreement

6) Teleport to the Barge Foreman to allow access on the Barge

7) board the barge and talk to the lead navigator

8) Teleport to the Falador cabbage field and talk to Longbow Ben in the Port Sarim pub

9) Report this to lead navigator

10) Teleport to Varrock and talk to the apothecary to get a potion of sealegs by giving him the unfinished marrentill potion and 2 bottles of vodka

11) Teleport to the sawmill and run to the odd old man to get a bone charm

12) Teleport back to the barge and give junior the charm and the lead navigator the potion

13) Since it’s a sleeping potion, we now need to steer the boat.
13a) keep the boat at full speed
13b) Try to keep the top yellow arrow facing north. When it moves to the left, click on the right arrow at the bottom or vise versa

Keep doing that until the progress bar is filled and you’ll arrive on fossil island and complete your quest

— Right click on Junior and go to get off the boat
— Go to the bank with your 2 oak planks, iron bar and 5 nails and fix it