[OSRS] Dream mentor quest guide

Item list:
– seal of passage, 1 astral rune, tinderbox, hammer, p&m
– 3 different kinds of food and 7 pieces of each. We will lose them.
—sack of potatoes + 2 baskets of strawberries + tomatoes
– A goutweed (during the quest): trollheim teleport and back to lunar isle

– Good defensive armor and weapon to kill a cb343 which is weak to magic. (trident/iban blast + melee gear)
It itself has accurate melee and ranged attacks
– Good food for the boss fight (full inventory of sharks)

– Be on Lunar spellbook and have the runes for 1 NPC contact and 3 moonclan teleports
—If you don’t have the magic levels, drink a magic potion.

– Weight reducing armor at the start and 1 stamina potion

TL;DR / lengths
– items needed + boss expenation: 6 minutes
– healing npc: 12,5 minutes
– getting goutweed+preparing boss fight 6,5 minutes
– boss fights 9 minutes


Runescape quest guide walkthrough with live commentary in the Oldschool servers 07scape / 2007 rs