OSRS – How Much Does A Red Dragon Alt Make? (3 HOURS)

Link to New Poll:

Making A Slayer Alt Series:

Rune Dragon Alt Series:

Monster Alt Series Playlist:

Monster Alt Series:
1. Rune Dragons

2. Green Dragons Myth’s Guild

3. Lava Dragons

4. Blue Dragons Melee:

5. Wilderness Ents:

Slayer Monsters Series Playlist:

Slayer Monsters Tested:
1. Gargoyles

2. Brutal Black Dragons

3. Wyverns Range

4. Wyverns Melee

5. Kurask Range

6. Wyrms Melee

7. Kurasks Melee

8. Aberrant Spectres

9. Dust Devils Melee

10. Wyrms Range

11. Cave Horrors Melee

12. Dust Devils Range

13. Nechryaels Melee

14. Cave Horror Range

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