[OSRS] How to Fix Disconnection Issues! – A Quick Fix for Recent Server Instability!

Hey Guys, I have a quick video for you today.

I know a lot of you have been experiencing some extremely unstable runescape servers. They have been so bad that a lot of people are unable to play oldschool runescape. Rejoice as a temporary fix has been created.

You will need the Osbuddy Client.

If the client is not updating, you will need a VPN ( Virtual Private Network) You will only need this temporarily to download the new osbuddy files. Here is a free easy VPN to install.



1. Download and Install the OSbuddy client. If you already have it, restart and update it.

2. Click on the gear Icon in the top right corner of the client.

3. Under the Client Tab, go to highway and select europe.

4. Enjoy Runescape

If you cannot update the osbuddy client you will need to download the VPN

1. Download and Install Tunnlebear, Or any other VPN.

2. Once installed scroll to Canada,m then tunnel to Canada.

3. Start at step 1 of the previous instructions.

I hope this helps people start playing runescape again. If it did please leave a comment if it worked for you .

Thanks for watching.