OSRS I Got The Beaver!

Hey guys just wanted to give a short little update on what i been doing the last couple of weeks. I got the beaver pet and as well got to level 92 woodcutting. It wasn’t to bad because teak logs were pretty quick and on top of that i made it to the redwood trees. Redwoods are way more afkable and can make me a bunch of money. If I had to give a tip or a trick for this I would recommend doing this for a couple hours each day. No need to sit down and do it all day. Also, many guides are out there to help you out if you need it.

•Here Are My Current Levels•
Overall 1516
Attack 67
Defence 66
Strength 77
Hitpoints 68
Ranged 63
Prayer 41
Magic 60
Cooking 99
Woodcutting 92
Fletching 99
Fishing 99
Firemaking 99
Crafting 66
Smithing 99
Mining 99
Herblore 70
Agility 77
Thieving 45
Slayer 35
Farming 12
Runecraft 33
Hunter 48
Construction 1

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