[OSRS] Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide for F2P on Old School RuneScape | Old Holiday Event


1 Quest Point
600 Crafting Experience
1 uncut sapphire
1 uncut ruby
1 uncut emerald

As of January 26th 2017, this quest, which was originally the 2016 Halloween Event, was re-implemented into the game as a F2P quest. The rewards have been changed to 600 crafting experience, 1 quest point, and 3 uncut gems. Since it is the exact same quest but with a different reward, I have elected to not upload a new video, but instead change the name from “Halloween 2016 Event Guide” to “Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide”.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion. Enjoy the guide!


This quest was original a holiday event:

OSRS HALLOWEEN 2016 EVENT GUIDE + REWARDS! Leave a LIKE if you want more of these videos!


Hunting knife
Banshee mask
Banshee top
Banshee robe
Pumpkin x 2
Halloween mask set x2
— Red halloween mask x2
— Blue halloween mask x2
— Green halloween mask x2

misthalin mystery osrs

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