[OSRS] [NEW] Silver Jewellery – New Low LVL Money Making Method

Hey guys,

In this video I show how I made a nice profit by just making some of the new items that were recently released.

I decided to make Dodgy Necklaces as they were fast to make, as they did not need ball of wool, like amulets does, and because they might be nice to have while training thieving.

To make these you only need
• Necklace mould
• Silver bars
• Cut Opals
• Staff of Water
• Cosmic Runes
• 16 Crafting
• 7 Magic

If you have any questions let me know in the comments!

The new silver jewellery includes:
• Ring of Pursuit (Hunter)
• Expeditious Bracelet (Slayer)
• Dodgy Necklace (Thieving)
• Amulet of Bounty (Farming)

• Ring of Return
• Flamtaer Bracelet (Shades of Mort’ton)
• Necklace of Passage (Various teleports)
• Amulet of Chemistry (Herblore)

• Efaritay’s Aid
• Bracelet of Slaughter (Slayer)
• Necklace of Faith
• Burning Amulet (Various teleports)

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