This method was fairly simple and easy to start no much required since some one is usually hosting a party in they’re homes!

Items needed
-Soft clay
-Law runes (obviously)
-some coins to change noted items in to un-noted items
-air runes and also fire runes (Smoke battlestaffMystic smoke Staff
-party world (where people throw house parties if yoyu don’t own a home or have 40 construction!
-Patients! (youtube videos to past the time

this video is for anyone one in OSRS and wants to make money ir even have an AFK experience. and watch videos while doing so!

This only takes around 1 minute per inventory!
this is a P2P feature and not free to play!

this money making method has very low requirements and is fairly easy to begin and is actually worth it!

people buy this item for a higher price then what I set it at (check ending of my video for proof!)

This method is actually mobile friendly for anyone looking to start something new in the members realm!

this money making method is very easy!
Thanks for watching guys!