OSRS P2P Money making method Blast furnace 2019

this is my first time making a blast furnace money making method..
It’s very simple and easy to do and you can easily make some serious profit!

-60 mining to obtain Ice gloves and able to kill a level 117 queen (she is easy but you are in a multy-combat area. she has minions so prepare your BUTT! STRONGLY RECOMMEND PRAYER IF YOU ARE LOW DEF!
-Coal bag (for them extra coal bags)
-decent agility or potions (I did not do this) 😐
-60 Smithing ..(so you don’t have to constantly pay a tax every 10 mins after 60 its unlimited time!

this money making method can also be used in the mobile app!
blast furnace is also a really easy Money making method!
but its not AFK and it is click intensive!

this is a P2P feature

I apologies in advance for my messed ups if there are any feel free to let me know 🙂

yeah.. I messed up in it but HEY! I gave it a go!
and I enjoyed my time doing so.. I messed up!

you are capable of more money then what I did make here but I will have to master my CRAFT!