[OSRS] Rune Dragons Guide + Loot from 100 Rune Drags (1.3m+/hour!)

This is my Rune Dragons Guide for OSRS after the Dragon Slayer 2 Quest. I have included the loot from 100 Rune drags, which adds up to 4.2m and took me 3 hours. Considering the potential for a rare loot this is pretty good.

I show you in the beginning what gear to wear (00:26), invent to take (1:10), how to get there (2:10), how to add Lithkren teleport to your digsite pendan (4:20), killing rune drags (4:50) and the loot (6:15).


All music used is from youtube videos which have been downloaded, none of the videos claimed copyright and thus I have used the content with the knowledge of non-copyright. If there is any issue with any of the audio used please feel free to message me and I will sort it out.