OSRS – Turoth slayer and location! Great loot!

Today i was tasked with turoths for the first time! so lets explore this together, In this video i show you my equipment and inventory set up and how to get there along with the loot i acquired during the task!! enjoy!

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Monster Information:
Turoths are Slayer monsters that require a Slayer level of 55 to kill. They drop herbs and herb seeds commonly, though not as frequently as Aberrant spectres.
Turoths, like Kurasks, must be killed with either a Leaf-bladed spear, Leaf-bladed sword, the Slayer Dart spell (which requires a Magic level of 50 plus either a Slayer’s staff or a Staff of the dead), Broad-tipped bolts with any crossbow, or by using Broad arrows with any bow or else the player’s attacks are ineffective.

They don’t hit as accurately as similarly levelled monsters, but if they do hit, they usually hit high. They are weak to stab, but are easily killed with both range and magic.

These monsters, along with Kurasks, are the only monsters to drop the Leaf-bladed sword.


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