Player Owned Farm | Weekly RuneScape Byte

The Player Owned Farm is here and it’s time to start raising those animals. The farm is located south of Ardougne and requires 17 Farming and 20 Construction to get started with. Run through the tutorial given by Granny Potterington and then start with chickens, then expand to sheep and cows.

Sell at adolescent stage for the most amount of beans.

Rewards include the Elite Farmers Outfit. But also you can purchase the Herbicide and Seedicide as well as upgrades that allow herbs and seeds to be picked up automatically. Also, skilling potions for Divination, Hunter, Runecrafting, and Invention! You can also get magic beans that will grow a level appropriate crop in a farming patch.

We’ll have more this weekend on experience, optimization, and rewards on RSBANDBUpdate!

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