Player Owned Ports in December – 10 Binds in Dungeoneering This Week Runescape Livestream Summary

EDIT to DG Bind:
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You get 10 Binds at level 1
As you level up you unlock extra “sets” of binds(up to 5 sets) that you can switch between during the dungeon(talk to smuggler to swap)
EDIT2: Critical Hits deal 120% damage – HavocParadox

Runescape Player Owned Ports in December
10 Dungeoneering Binds this WEEK
Choose up to 5 of the 10 to bring into a dungeon
Turmoil/overload buffed after being nerfed
Kalphite King 2013
Ranger Oriented Dungeon + Slayer Monsters
Exhanced Excalibur given healing passive
Godswords given bonus passive

Thanks to Shooter 640 for help in gathering the pictures