[Quick Guide] Haunted mine

– Chisel (many found in the dungeon)
– 2 empty inventory slots

– a pickaxe if you’re doing this quest for the Morytania diary. Requires 55 mining tho.
– 2 stamina potions
– weapon, armor, food and potions to kill a cb 95

— who’s weak to magic but controls a machine filled room to attack you.
— The boss teleports around the room a lot so making every hit count is necessary. Also have defensive gear to reduce incoming damage while running towards it.
— Since the boss is a ghost who’s weak to magic, use Crumble undead or if you can, use iban blast, trident or use a strong ranged or melee weapons.
— The boss is not immune to poison damage.

– after quest completion

Quests: Priest in Peril
skills: 15 Agility and 35 crafting


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