Road to Maxed 1 Defence Pure | Ep. 1 | Runescape | Tasks, Agility and Hunter

Hey! I’m starting up a new series, where I will start from a level 3 account and build my way all up to a Maxed 1 Defence Pure! I will also make PK’ing videos with it so make sure to subscribe to keep up!

Since I spend a lot of time training on my pure and editing the videos, it would be really appreciated if you could leave a like or maybe even subscribe!


Some details about the series:

-I am starting a brand new account, from scratch, level 3 and all that, on an account called HexRushCast.
-My goal is to get a (somewhat) maxed 1 Defence pure
-When I reach the point when PK’ing is going to be enjoyable on this account (probaly 60 Attack, 60+ Strength, and 25+ Prayer)


Some more or less FAQ (Friendly Asked Questions):

Q: Why the name ”HexRushCast”?

A: Probaly lack of creativity. After 20 minutes of going through suggested names, which was things like ”Ardougne 914” and ”FarmerCapeOil” I decided I would take the first recenable name. I got suggested ”HexRideCast”, and I changed it to ”HexRushCast”!

Q: Why start up an 1 Defence pure when EoC is right around the corner (pures will be ruined)?

A: Hm. I don’t know, I was kind of tired of playing on my main and wanted to start a serious pure, and the fact that one of my IRL friends had done the same was probaly the tipping point. What I am really hoping for is that Jagex realises the failure the Evolution of Combat is, and in some way bring back the current combat system.

Q: Do you have any idea of when you will reach PK’ing levels/when you will max?

A: I’m not too sure. It will hopefully be not too far away, but I can’t set any precise date. As for the maxing, we’ll just wait and see 😉

Q: How often will these episodes come out?

A: That will depend a lot on how efficient I am when it comes to training and editing. I think that these videos are the ones that takes the longest to create, so be patient!


Now with all that said, thank you for watching, remember to comment, like and subscribe for future Road to Maxed 1 Defence Pure vids! Thanks!


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