[RS07] The Fake Log Glitch – RuneScape Glitch Tutorial

Showing you how to abuse the Fake Log glitch on the RuneScape 2007 Servers.

Status: Working

In this video I show you how to perform the following glitches:
– Castle Wars Flag Duplication
– Invincible Bug (In Castle Wars, Fight Pits and Pest Control)
– How to freewalk while performing the Fake Log bug (Running through Monkey Madness dungeon)
– Monkey Stance Smuggle
– Penguin Stance Smuggle
– Fake logging in someone’s POH

How to fake-log (novice version):
Status: Working

Step 1: Right click on “Click here to log out”
Step 2: Press F2 to go to your skill-tab
Step 3: Press “Click here to log out” and start spamming the skill you’re hovering over
– Auto-clicker strongly recommended.

How to freewalk while fake-logging:
Status: Patched

1: Perform a short stall and stack up some interfaces. I used the builder’s emote to stall, and clicked my locked prayers to stack them.
2: Walk where you want, and click the log out button.
3: The interfaces will prevent you from logging out, and you can start spamming the hat from The Magic’s Guild to start walking. This works because the hat also gives you an interface, and you won’t be logged out.
4: When you’ve reached your destination, perform a stall again, click your locked prayers, walk where you want, and spam click the Magic’s Guild hat.
5: Repeat

Note: You could also walk with Monkey/Penguin if you use the same method I used in the Monkey Madness clip.

Check out how to obtain Thieving/Farming Experience and Herbs by abusing this bug:

Thanks to Leonman34, Lucky Eric, D0e, Swag Chookie and Relaz.

More RuneScape Glitch related videos will be uploaded. I’d appreciate a thumbs up if you want more glitches/guides.

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Song name: Celldweller – Eon

Outro Song: Noisestorm – Let It Roar

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