Runecrafting guild and The Great Orb Project – Runescape

Video about new runecrafting guild which can be accessed through a portal, upstairs in the Wizards’ Tower. Requirements to access the Runecrafting Guild and minigame are:
* Level 50 Runecrafting
* Rune Mysteries ( quest )
/The guild is available on F2P, but some individual features are for members only/

Rc guild gives u access to:
*A fast-paced, team-vs-team Runecrafting minigame – The Great Orb Project
*Various new items for runecrafters, including a new outfit

The Great Orb Project!

The purpose of this team-based minigame is very simple: collect more coloured orbs than the opposing team. Watch out, though, as they will be pushing your orbs out of the way to stop you winning. This frenetic minigame offers few rules and a great alternative to conventional Runecrafting – all with a range of rewards, of course. Expect rune essence, Runecrafting XP and new magical equipment if you wipe the floor with your opponents.

The Runecrafting Guild also offers a number of features that are not tied to the minigame. The rune altar map helpfully shows the location of all altars; one mad wizard has learned how to repair abyssal pouches; and the head of the guild is working on a marvellous omni-talisman that combines the powers of all existing talismans into one.

Note that the guild is available to both free players and members – the Runecrafters want all the help they can get!

Runecrafting robes are extremely useful for playing The Great Orb Project for their handy Runecrafting level bonus. All rewards can be purchased by speaking to Wizard Elriss.

* Runecrafter robe: +3
* Runecrafter skirt: +3
* Runecrafter gloves: +2

Note: The Runecrafting hat does not provide a bonus, due to Players not being able to wear hats while in the mini game.

The runecrafting staff can be made into a device that will allow one to enter any altar that requires a talisman by giving Elriss each talisman and attaching the “omni-talisman” he/she receives. You will also get a decent amount of runecrafting experience for this.

The order of altars you will proceed in is as follows. However, the last two altars will only be part of the game if you’re playing on a member’s world.

1. Air
2. Mind
3. Water
4. Earth
5. Fire
6. Body
7. Chaos
8. Nature

As you progress through each of these altars, you’ll be gaining pure essence if you’re a member or rune essence if you’re not from the orbs you collect. You may craft them on the altar through the course of the mini game. If you’re a member, it’s recommended that you do this each time you go through the nature altar.

Some tips:
*Bring ur pouches to minigame to be able to keep ess u get after every won round ( altar ) to be able to make kind of runes u want – more space for essence
* dont take there any heavy stuff, keep ur inv empty adn bring weight reducing armor like boots of infinity, penance gloves and spotted/spottier cape

Runecrafting Guild and Game – For All Players!

Remember Rune Mysteries? Your efforts in the quest have led to changes in the Wizards’ Tower. The Runecrafting Guild has formed, filled with mages bickering about Runecrafting. To resolve their arguments, they invite you to join them in The Great Orb Project – a frantic new minigame that is available to everyone.

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